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Since May 2015, PROBLAD PLUS™ has been distributed by FMC Corporation in Canada under the trade name Fracture®.

Several commercial field trials conducted under high disease pressure and according to Canadian agricultural practices, have shown that Fracture® performs equally or sometimes better than the standard commercial products. Moreover, the inexistence of a PHI, the possibility to enter on the treated area immediately after application and the absence of toxicity makes it a safe and a flexible tool that will reduce the synthetic fungicide applications in farmers’ spray program.

Fracture® shows a completely new mode of action which is excellent for disease management, providing decisive, multi-site control in a way that no other fungicide can claim. This has been corroborated by its inclusion in a new category for Biological Fungicides, BM 01, of the 2017 issue of the FRAC Code List©.

In this way, Fracture® separates itself from all other fungicides with not known cross-resistance to any other fungicide class, making it a key product in disease management programs. Adding Fracture® to your rotation program can help extend the life and efficacy of your current fungicides.

Fracture® provides rapid and reliable disease control that meets or exceeds established standards.

Fracture® is labelled for control of Powdery mildew and Botrytis in strawberries and grapes, Botrytis in tomatoes and Brown rot/Blossom blight (Monilinia spp.) in stone fruits.

Key Features and Benefits

New multiple-site mode of action, controls fungal disease in a way no other product can claim
No known cross resistance to any fungicide class, making it an exceptional resistance management tool
Apply up to five times per season
Adjuvant not required
0 day PHI; no re-entry interval
No toxicity to humans, animals and environment
No adverse effects on pollinators or beneficial insects

Registered Provinces:


Please click the link below to obtain detailed information about Fracture® fungicide, like Labels for Canada, SDS, Performance data, etc...