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CEV, SA (CEV) was established in 2006, with the objective of developing a new patented protein-based fungicide. The active ingredient is a polypeptide, named BLAD, which is extracted from the germinated seeds of lupines. The polypeptide was discovered in 1991 at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA), Lisbon University, Portugal.

In 2007, the founders of CEV (the BLAD´s researchers) engaged four investors to finance the company.

Those investors provided the necessary funds to research and develop the process and product, first at the laboratory and pilot plant scale, and later with the construction of the industrial plant and market introduction.

Between 2007 and 2012, CEV set up a pilot plant near Lisbon, which was used to:

  • gather extensive experience on operating the pilot plant;
  • engineer the scale-up from pilot plant to industrial plant;
  • fine-tune product active ingredient and formulation;
  • produce sufficient quantities for field trials.

In January 2011, CEV created the subsidiary company CONVERDE,SA, whose main objectives were to install and operate the industrial plant and to be the responsible for product commercialization worldwide. The investment amounted to 33 million euros, and was financed by the investors, European funds (QREN) and banks.

The construction of the industrial plant was concluded in January 2013.

CEV is in charge of all R&D activities such as product registration, product development, patents management and development of potential new usages for BLAD.

As a biotech company, CEV maintains an intense R&D program on BLAD, aiming to extend its application scope.


to develop a new patented protein-based fungicide


four investors financed the company

2007 > 2012

CEV setup a pilot plant near Lisbon


CEV created a subsidiary company named CONVERDE to install the industrial plant


The construction of the industrial plant was concluded

Mission & Values

CEV mission is to provide organic-based active ingredients to treat crop diseases, using nontoxic and environmentally friendly products.

We perceive CEV as a meeting point between clients, suppliers, employees and shareholders, which should line up their individual interests to contribute to overall wealth creation.

The attitude and behavior assumed by CEV stakeholders should lead to the development of products aiming at the social wellbeing and contributing to the sustainability of our planet.

Achieving an excellent relationship with the surrounding community is one of CEV’s major goals.

Our ambition is to accomplish economic and sustained growth and to be actively present in all continents.

Quality Policy

Considering the mission, vision, context and strategic orientation of the company, CEV has determined the following intentions and guidance regarding quality:

  • Sustained growth, through the interaction between the market’s needs and product development – market oriented;
  • Workers’ and all interested parties’ motivation, appreciation and satisfaction;
  • Compliance with clients’, legal, regulatory and normative requirements;
  • Green attitude, through a rational use of resources, residues management and preference for ecofriendly solutions;
  • Continuous improvement of the quality management systems’ processes, in order to maximize client satisfaction and company productivity.


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