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CEV understands that innovation requires investment and good ideas must be worthwhile.

CEV is driven by a global commitment for sustainable agriculture. This commitment includes bringing new technology to farmers that will improve their lives by helping them to be more productive while using a natural product with a negligible impact on the environment, which is non-toxic to the pollinators and plants. In addition, by using a product with a complete new and different mode of action it can help extend the life and efficacy of the current fungicides. By using this commitment to drive our actions, we believe we are creating a positive impact on the world.

Being a new entrant in a very competitive market and understanding that knowledge and innovation are important instruments to access high added value markets, CEV embodies the business of betting on foreign markets, by introducing an innovative product with a high level of integration of knowledge and technology and consequently high value into the market for final users.

The following map shows the status of our patent granted, in green, to protect our products. In addition, new uses of our active ingredient have already been granted or are patent pending.