BLAD bio fungicides are produced in a liquid formulation, containing 20% (w/w) of BLAD protein active ingredient.

The only other inert ingredients added, is water which is required for the seed germination and BLAD extraction, and other passive ingredients from the requirement of tolerance.

BLAD bio fungicides can be applied as a foliar spray alone or in tank mixes with other registered pesticides using standard spray equipment.

The efficacy, biological nature, spectrum of activity, compatibility, and novel mode of action of BLAD bio fungicides make them an ideal tank-mix or rotational partner in a disease management program.

CEV actually produces 4 different types bio fungicides that are all derived from BLAD:

The most commonly used worldwide BLAD bio fungicide.

A slightly different formulation specifically designed for the USA market in order to be compliant with the US National Organic Program (NOP) and also listed in the US Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

Also a BLAD based biofungicide to be used for the treatment of crown rot on bananas post-harvest treatment.

The BLAD biofungicide dedicated for turf and ornamentals use.

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